16 Month Old Brown Marbled Bengal

Reason up for adoption:  I have a 16 month. old neutered Bengal cat (Mac)  that does not get along with his fellow housemate.

Rehomed in Mass.
Two year old Bengal (Mass) Humane Society

Basil is a 2-year-old, handsome, declawed, purebred Bengal who was not very fond of the other resident cat in his home.
He has been rehomed locally in Massalready house trained. This pet has been altered.

Benjerman - was No Name (Adopted)
Affectionate Dumped Bengal in Troy, NY

No Name was abandoned in Troy and adopted locally.

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Welcome to the Northeast US
Audacious Sabrina
Very Affectionate 6 Year Old Spayed  Girl

I have a very loving spayed, front declawed, vaccinated female bengal that needs a home..
Sabrina found a permanent home in upstate New York.
Affectionate but skittish neutered male

A few years ago, my husband and I adopted a Bengal named Spooks (now known as Rufus). He was very shy. We were told that he had spent the first four months of his life in a fraternity house. He has come leaps & bounds with being an affectionate pet. As long as you're patient and let him approach you (as opposed to approaching him....which truly does "spook" him), he loves to be petted and cared for.

Rehomed in Mid-Pennsylvania
24 Month Old Brown Spotted Bengal

Notes: I rescued Zeus from the Lehigh County Humane Society (on my way back from Charlotte, NC) where he was starved and dehydrated, weighing 5.5 lbs and scheduled to be euthanized. He was vetted and fed with a tube, and an abscessed tooth removed. He is now back up to 12 lbs.
Zeus was supposedly given up by his owner after 24 months because he was too vocal. Likewise, two adoptions failed because he "was too vocal and would not eat his dry food!" Gee, do you think that abscessed tooth might have been bothering him?
Zeus is a 24 mo Brown Spotted Tabby Purebred Bengal that tends to be shy and nocturnal and is very vocal. Because of these traits, which are slowly changing under my socialization, I suspect he might be a "foundation" generation and would need someone who is willing to work with a Sweet but vocal semi-nocturnal feline. Once Zeus warms up to his human of choice, he very vocally INSISTS upon being petted and assured that he is loved night and day and head butts you and cries until you do pay attention! He would like to be the the only feline that receives attention in the house.

He would probably fit in an only cat or one cat one dog situation. He definitely has a sense of who is and who is not "cat friendly".  Zeus loves to sleep either resting on your feet as a pillow or under the covers with you and snuggle up to you.

UPDATE: Zeus now openly plays with balls, dangle toys, and catnip toys. He also allows me to "tackle" him and rub his head, chin or flip him over and rub his spotted tummy.  I can also carry him around upside down, cradled like a baby, and rub his little spotted tummy.  He no longer runs and hides when strangers come to visit, but purrs and rubs up against them when petted.  He has also grown back his hair that is missing in some of the photos that I believe was lost from neurotic licking.
Zeus has been fully vetted, abscessed tooth removed, UTD on vaccinations and tested negative for FeLuk and FeAIDS.
This pet is already house trained. This pet has been altered.

Zeus has been rehomed to the Northern PA - Southern tier NY area.

Five Year Old Brown Spotted Bengal Mix

Thomas's elderly mom's health was failing and he needed a new human to live with.

Thomas is a 5 year old brown spotted Bengal/mix, up to date on vac's and neutered . He tested felv/fiv negative Very outgoing, He loves people and was looking for a forever home

This pet is up to date with routine shots.
This pet is already house trained.
This pet has been altered.
York, PA
He has been rehomed in PA.