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As Bengal breeders and Bengal lovers, it is important to be sure that none of our beloved cats end up homeless or in shelters.  We carefully screen new Bengal parents.  But at times, many unforeseen situations arise that force the new parents to have to place their pets in another home.  This is why this Network was started.  Many of these cats are in Dire need of homes for many reasons.  WE are hoping we can match you and your big heart to one of these needy cats!  While adoption fees may vary depending on the situation, the general adoption fee can be $100.00 to $300. As Bengal breeders and Bengal lovers, it is important to be sure that none of our beloved cats end up homeless or in shelters.  We carefully screen new Bengal parents. The fee is not for profit but to cover food, litter, transport, shelter fees, spay/neuter and veterinary care.  Our time and love is not factored into the fee.   
We do screen potential adopters of these needy cats!
Please feel free to email us for more information.
     In the Metro NY/CT/NJ area:
Sandy (914) 837-3811

      In the NY/NJ/PA Tri-State Area:
     Bob (570) 493-1122 

We travel a lot and have other commitments
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We need immediate help! Many of us are in our 70s and 80s and need the next generation to step up!
We need coordinators, foster homes, transporters and donations.

To sign up for the BCR email list, go to  You must be a registered user with Yahoo! to use this list.  If you are a Yahoo! member, click the "Join This Group!" button, and sign into Yahoo!.  Anyone is welcome to join this list to learn more about the Bengal breed.

These cats have found themselves in need of caring homes and have been brought to the attention of the Bengal Rescue Network's volunteers.  In order to learn about the Bengal cat breed before adopting, you can contact one of the volunteers within your region (shown above) or view one of the breed club websites at or
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